We are dog people… Both Cristi and I have had dogs in our lives since we were small children. Some were mutts, some were registered and highly trained, but all were loved! Our Blue Lacys live in our home. They are allowed to run in our large fenced yard every day, beginning at daylight. But, at night, they sleep in the house. Our dear Jo, an Original Mountain Cur, had done the same thing until her untimely passing. This is our family.

We spend more time with our dogs than with our friends. And, it goes without saying that they go where we go. If they can’t be included, we will probably pass on an invite, even if it's something special. If you are a dog person, you will understand this devotion. If not, you are probably visiting the wrong website.

Our dogs work. They blood track, and they tree coons and squirrels! They also like to curl up at our feet after they get their daily exercise. They entertain us with their antics, and frequently have us laughing out loud. If they could talk, and trust me they try, there is no telling what they might say. We are a tight knit group, which works together as a unit. We provide shelter, food, water, and love. They provide enduring companionship, security, and loyalty beyond imagination!

We drove halfway across Texas to get the first two, and almost that far for the third one, when they were very young. Both trips were, without a doubt, well worth it!
We added the fourth girl, bred from our own line. Will there be more? Who knows? We, like many, have no immunity from "Puppy Fever"!

And, soon, we will have more great working dog puppies that will also be placed in loving homes. This website is our way of letting the rest of the world know that we have found something very special in these dogs, and the National Lacy Dog Association! As Lacy owners, we would like to see more of these great dogs in our area, and seek to place them in great homes throughout the country. This will help to insure the future of this wonderful breed, and help them to become more recognized. It is our pleasure to share info.

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