Blue Lacy Information

Origins and History
Blue Lacys were developed in the Texas Hill Country by the four Lacy brothers (Frank, George, Ewin, and Harry), who moved from Kentucky to Burnet County, Texas, in 1858. Lacy family history indicates that these dogs resulted from Greyhound, scent hound, and coyote crosses. You can easily see traits from all three, with their small waist and powerful legs, great nose, and beautiful eyes.
Originally bred to help capture wild hogs, the Blue Lacy has maintained a presence for over a century on ranches in the Southwestern US. And many sources in the Hill Country suggest that they strongly influenced Fred Gipson, raised in adjacent Mason County, in the writing of his novel “Old Yeller”.
The decline of the family-owned ranching industry, as well as the introduction of technology such as all-terrain vehicles, brought Blue Lacy dog numbers down dramatically. However, being declared the State Dog of Texas in 2005 increased the demand, and they can now be found in many other states as well.

Coloration, Markings, and Size
Blue Lacys may have white markings on their brisket, and most of the time on a paw or paws. Light gunmetal gray to almost black Lacys are classified in color as blue. Red, and yellow to cream colored Lacys are classified as red. Tri-colored Lacys are blue with red markings over their eyes, on their muzzles, under the tail, and down the legs. They are classified in color as tri. Red and tri-colored Lacys are accorded the name Blue Lacy due to the blue-color genetics they possess. Blue Lacys have very bright and distinctive orange to yellow eyes, which add a unique touch to their appearance. Blue Lacys are medium sized dogs with good proportions.

Working Capabilities
Blue Lacys are easy to handle, spectacular workers, and can make great pets. They are energetic and dedicated companions capable of instinctively handling many jobs. The breed is commonly used for herding cattle, hog hunting, tracking and recovering wounded deer, treeing game, and working on trap lines. They are also showing their prowess in agility, fly ball, and dock diving all across the country. With proper training, they can and will perform many other amazing tasks.

Health and Temperment
Blue Lacys are known for being healthy with good conformation, and normally require a minimal amount of medical attention, mostly consisting of annual check ups. They are extremely intelligent, bold, high drive dogs, which are easily trained, and respond better to stern or soft commands than yelling. They are easily socialized, but are rarely timid! These very loving dogs dole out respect only to those who deserve it, and make great watchdogs due to their constant attention to their surroundings.

A word of caution to those considering the breed:
These dogs are working dogs, and can unintentionally hurt small children while exercising, by knocking them down.
They should never be left unattended with young children, or around other animals!

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