Our LDBR registered Lacy Game Dogs share many great characteristics, but all four are quite different in their individual personalities. They are outstanding specimens, specially selected from great lines, so that we produce high quality pups which both meet our breeding standard, and have the genetic makeup to insure exceptional working ability.
We believe that it is possible to have dogs that are both hard working and beautiful, and these dogs prove just that! In our breeding program we anticipate more beautiful Reds and Blues, and ocassionally some Tri-Colored puppies.

Jazz Jazz, our six year old female, displays a complete set of white toes and the medium sized chest patch common on this breed. She has a gorgeous uniform short red coat, a wonderful ear set, and carries herself perfectly. She also has the typical intent Lacy stare, coming from a pair of golden eyes that never miss anything. Jazz weighs thirty-four pounds, and stands only eighteen and a half inches at the shoulders. She is extremely intelligent, well behaved, and quiet in the house, unless we have unexpected company!

But, don’t be fooled by thinking this is a lap dog. She will stand face to face with wild hogs, barking like a she-demon as she bays, and showing teeth with no fear! She is dynamite in a small package, loaded with stamina and speed, a great nose, and drive out of this world!
Jazz comes from a very respected line of working dogs, and was born on a south Texas ranch. She has proven herself as a blood tracker, and loves to tree squirrels. Her first two litters each consisted of six gorgeous pups, the first all red, the second presenting us with our first two Tris. Her third litter was eight pups, including two dark reds, and three more Tris. You can see them, and read about their working capability in our talk forum.
Her sire is a Blue, and her dam is a Tri.
Sire: Brook's Bull of the Woods (deceased)~ Dam: Leek's Lucy Lou

Outrageous Jones Jones, our six year old stud dog, has an almost solid light red coat that appears silvery in winter, with only a sliver of white between his front legs. He has a broad chest, making for a very stout front end, and an incredible head. He also has a great ear set, and deep almond colored eyes. Jones weighs fifty-four pounds, and measures twenty and a half inches at the shoulders. His looks can be somewhat deceiving. He is a big boy, and strong as a bull, but maintains incredible agility, and can run all day long! Nothing gets past him, and he can go from laid out to wide open in the blink of an eye.
He is a lover, and will speak when he wants attention.

Jones is an excellent blood tracker, working both on and off lead, and had many recoveries by five months of age. He is not afraid to bay a big buck, and has an awesome voice when he gets excited, but trails silently. He also loves to tree squirrels, and will hunt your legs off! Jones is a proven stud, producing awesome pups who get the job done at an early age.
Jones’ sire is a Blue, and so is his dam.
Sire: McClellan's General ~ Dam: PPR's Jessica Lynn
Jones will be offered at stud, outside of our kennel, on a very limited basis.
Call, or email, if you would like to discuss this.

Jemma Four and a half years ago, we acquired our third registered Lacy, Jemma. She has allowed us to expand our breeding program, and insure continued production of high quality pups. With her beautiful dark blue coat, and typical white feet and chest patch, she also eliminated the countless explanations of why these dogs are sometimes called Blue Lacys. Jemma also came from south Texas.

From the moment she entered our home, she has shown tremendous drive, and she is not shy at all. She is very quick on her feet, loves baying, and is a solid tracker. This little bolt of blue has special written all over her!

Jemma is very gritty, treeing on her own, recovering downed game animals, and proving every day that she deserves her place in our pack! Jemma also talks a lot when she gets excited!
She has produced twenty-eight great pups, all of them blue!
Jemma's sire and dam are both Blues.
Sire: Cavin's Blue Hoss (deceased) ~ Dam: Podunk Heaven's TX Thunderstorm

Leather Patches Our most recent addition to TrackStar Kennels is Patch, an incredibly marked four year old Tri, who also sired Jazz's last litter. After we saw those pups, we just had to have him. He ia a great all around ranch dog, and a natural tracker and retreiver, with an absolutely fantastic temperament. His dark blue main coat, accented with deep rich red markings, makes for a striking appearance. And, that rusty red is not common in modern Lacys.
Patch's sire, PPR's Rebel Yell, is a blue full brother to our Jones.
His dam, PPR's Billie Nicole is also blue.
Patch is available at stud, on a very limited basis.
Call, or email, if you would like to discuss this.
We offer tracking service with our dogs. Contact us, and we will try to help you recover your trophy!

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